Saint or sinner? Why we should measure success by attitude, not wealth!

17 November 2022

I’m not normally into blogging. In fact, anyone who knows me is probably going to be shocked I’ve put pen to paper. But the launch of Odin’s new website, plus two recent experiences made me want to share some thoughts.

Having spent most of my adult life in recruitment now, I’ve learnt that a lot of people’s career success is down to attitude and their values. Yes, in our sectors of Engineering, Telecoms/Structure Cabling, Industrial, and Driving, technical skills and experience are really important. But almost equal to that is how you treat others.

At Odin Recruitment, we pride ourselves on stand-out customer care and building relationships with candidates and clients. And internally, we like to think of ourselves as a family who support and look out for each other. This was my vision on setting up the business back in 2016 and I’m pleased to see that we’ve built, and are continuing to build, a company that values those things and demonstrates them every day.

It got me thinking about the values of the business (which we’re actually working on as we head into 2023) and also about the things that are important to me. This was prompted by witnessing two very different attitudes from two people who’ve carved out pretty impressive careers for themselves but demonstrated completely different behaviours despite their assets.

The first guy was a client. I won’t divulge names or details. But basically, despite being a very wealthy businessman, with the status symbols to boot, this individual chose to extend his empire the wrong way. Odin, and a number of other companies were affected by dishonesty and particularly poor business practices.

In contrast, was an event I witnessed at Stockport County, the local football club that Odin proudly sponsors. An equally successful MD noted it was the tenth anniversary of one of the junior staff at the club and without hesitation, splashed out on a luxury overnight stay at a top Manchester hotel to so he and his wife could celebrate their special milestone in style!

What’s the point of sharing this? Well, it reminded me that we all have choices. Wealth, or not so much wealth, perhaps we should more often measure our success on attitude. The two equally affluent men mentioned above may both be millionaires, but one was far richer in attitude and humanity.

Yes, I’m pleased to say Odin is growing from strength to strength, but I am measuring our success not on our turnover, but the values we live and breathe by every day. We’re also supporting a number of charities and local organisations and that will always be a priority for us.

Are you a sinner or a saint when it comes to your attitude to work?

If you too live by similar beliefs as Odin Recruitment, we’d love to work with you. Whether you’re a client, candidate or recruiter looking for a new role, we’re an honest, down to earth business with strong values at our heart.

Looking for a reliable long-term partner? Let’s have a chat.


Odin Recruitment MD