ODIN Recruitment and Pioneer Group Donate Defib to Edgeley Pub: A Lifesaving Contribution to the Community

1 February 2024

ODIN Recruitment and Pioneer Group, two local Stockport businesses, have come together in a unique partnership to support their local community. The duo has joined forces to purchase a defibrillator for the Prince Albert Pub in Edgeley, a life-saving device that could make a critical difference in emergency situations.

“We’ve always been passionate about giving back to our local communities,” said Paul Ballentyne, MD at ODIN Recruitment. “This donation reflects our ongoing commitment to local health and safety, and we’re proud to partner with our friends at Pioneer Group on this invaluable initiative.”

Pioneer Group echoed these sentiments, highlighting the importance of having accessible emergency medical equipment in public spaces. “We hope this defibrillator will never need to be used, but its presence provides a critical safety net for the local community,” said Chris Appleyard from Pioneer Group.

The defibrillator will be prominently located at the front door of the Prince Albert Pub, a popular social hub in Edgeley, ensuring it’s easily accessible in times of need. The management of the pub have expressed their gratitude for the donation, recognising the potential life-saving difference it could make.