Channelling Odin: The story behind our name and ethos

8 March 2024

When you think of the name Odin, what springs to mind? If ODIN Recruitment is secondary to the famous Norse god, it’s OK, we’re not offended. 

In fact, we’re not surprised, because did you know that our business was actually named after the notorious god?  

Who was Odin?

Odin was the god of wisdom, war, poetry, and magic in Norse mythology, and is a figure renowned for his vast knowledge, strategic prowess, leadership skills, as well as healing abilities. This one-eyed deity, often portrayed as an older man with a long beard (of course bearing no resemblance to our own bearded MD, Paul), is the ruler of Asgard and the Aesir gods. His profound wisdom and relentless pursuit of knowledge are legendary: Odin sacrificed one of his eyes at Mimir’s well to gain an understanding of the universe.

Odin’s influence on ODIN Recruitment

While we’re not intending on sacrificing any eyes any time soon, Odin’s ceaseless quest for wisdom does align perfectly with what we stand for at ODIN Recruitment. We’re committed to staying ahead of the curve in the competitive recruitment industry. And just as Odin was willing to make significant sacrifices for enlightenment, ODIN Recruitment is dedicated to continually learning, innovating, and adapting to remain at the forefront of our field.

Odin was also a god of war but not solely focused on the violence and chaos of battle. Instead, he was revered for his strategic planning and tactical acumen, often ensuring victory before the battle had even begun. Similarly, ODIN Recruitment prides itself on its strategic approach to talent acquisition. We meticulously plan and strategise to ensure we can match the right candidates with their ideal roles – we see that as our victory on our proverbial battlefield!

But the inspiration behind our name and ethos doesn’t end there. In Norse mythology, Odin was associated with healing, using his knowledge and power to bring about recovery and restoration. This aspect of Odin’s character resonates with ODIN Recruitment’s mission to address and resolve our clients’ recruitment challenges. We’re dedicated to ‘healing’ any gaps in your workforce by providing effective, tailored recruitment solutions that meet your unique needs.

So, there’s your history lesson for today! And a little insight into the inspiration behind our name. 

More than a name…

But ODIN Recruitment shares more than just a name with the revered Norse god, Odin. We also align closely with his values – wisdom, strategic thinking, leadership, and healing. These are traits that are deeply embedded in our unique approach to recruitment, and that drive our success. Do you share similar values as Odin the Norse god and ODIN Recruitment? Want to know more about us and how we operate? If you’re a technical or trades specialist within the infrastructure, industrial or engineering sector, or a company who hires these kinds of professionals, we’d love to chat with you. Contact us today.