Anna Garrett: Shaping ODIN's Future

2 May 2024

At the heart of ODIN’s bustling office is Anna – a team member that stands out not just for the great work she does but because of how she’s helping shape the future of our business.

Having been with ODIN for nearly two years, Payroll Manager, Anna, shares insights into her career, the culture at ODIN, and a few personal anecdotes that make her story unique.

A Close-Knit Family in the World of Recruitment

Anna’s journey with ODIN began from a desire to be part of what she describes as a “close-knit family feel office.” This drew her to the company and has been a consistent theme ever since. It’s the sense of belonging and community that not only attracted her to ODIN but that led to one of her most memorable experiences — being promoted to Payroll Manager after just a year of dedication and hard work. “It was a great moment, a recognition of my commitment and effort,” Anna recalls.

The Culture and Day-to-Day at ODIN

When asked to describe the culture at ODIN, Anna paints a picture of a vibrant workplace – a blend of ages and personalities, all united by a shared goal and mutual respect.

“It’s an office where jokes are cracked, achievements are celebrated, and everyone’s contribution is valued,” she says.

A typical day for her is bursting with activity; from sending out timesheets and raising invoices to processing payroll and ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

The Essence of Her Role

Summing up her role in three words, Anna says it’s “Essential, Rewarding, Engaging.” These words reflect not just the nature of her responsibilities but her passion for her work. She takes pride in ensuring that the right candidates find their places, contributing significantly to both their professional journeys and the success of the businesses they join. “One thing that sets ODIN apart,” she adds, “is our genuine care. We’re not just filling positions; we’re building careers and supporting businesses.”

Beyond the Office

Away from recruitment, Anna enjoys a quieter pace of life. Her hobbies include immersing herself in the world of books and dreaming of road trips across America in a campervan. An unexpected fact about her is her participation in the World Championships of Irish Dancing – not once, but twice. “It’s a part of who I am, a testament to my dedication and love for the art,” she reveals.

And how does she unwind after a busy week? “A nice glass of wine, cozying up on the sofa with a blanket, snacks, and a good film or series,” she shares, a simple yet perfect end to a week of hard work.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting on her time at ODIN so far and her career in recruitment, Anna believes that this path has shaped her professionally in more ways than one. The challenges and triumphs have not only honed her skills but also deepened her understanding of the human element in business — the core of recruitment.

Her aspirations are clear; to continue contributing to ODIN’s growth, nurturing the family feel that attracted her, and perhaps, inspiring others in the recruitment industry to lead with empathy and integrity.

Anna Garrett’s story’s a narrative of growth, commitment, and the power of a supportive workplace culture. At ODIN, she’s not just managing payroll; she’s helping steer the company toward a future where every employee feels valued and every client is cared for. Thanks for all your do Anna and best of luck on your continued career journey with us.

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