7 Reasons to Contract through a Recruitment Agency

17 November 2022

Are you a contractor in Telecoms/Structure Cabling, Engineering, Industrial or Driving? If so, you may ask “Is there a need to work with an agency?”

In short, the answer’s ‘yes.’ There’s a whole host of reasons why recruitment agencies like Odin can help you progress your career and take the hassle out of contracting.

Here’s just a few…

1. Win back valuable time

Job searches take time. And when you’re a contractor, the saying ‘time is money’ is extremely apt! But you can reduce the amount of cash lost in between roles by partnering with a recruiter.

If you’re nearing the end of a contract and are wondering where your next role will come from, take the stress out of the situation by engaging an agency. While you’re busy doing your day job, they’re proactively on the hunt for you. Using their expertise, market insight and network to secure you your next position. 

2. Advocates of YOU

It’s sometimes hard to put yourself out there and sell your strengths. Not many of us are great at blowing our own trumpets! But when you work with an agency, we’re your biggest fans. We’ll shout from the rooftops about the value you can add to your next hirer.

When you work with a recruitment agency to find a job, you not only gain our recruitment know-how. You benefit from our marketing and negotiation skills and all kinds of additional support you’d miss out on if going it alone.  

3. Market insight and career advice

Following on from the last point, you’re going to get lots of extras from working with an agency. This includes advice on the latest market insights and trends to help you get the best roles with the best rates.

We know where there are market gaps. We know the employers and projects in our sectors. We produce salary reports and benchmarking that can help you better understand the current state of your industry. We’re also up to date with the latest contracting legislation (such as IR35) and are always here to advise our contractors with any queries they may have.

And our advice also includes tips for interviewing, CV writing or any other aspect of job searching that you may need help with.

4. Your pay’s covered

Queries with pay? We’re here to help. One of the major plusses of contracting through an agency, and especially an intimate, family-owned business like Odin, is that you don’t have to jump through hoops for answers. Because we’re a smaller organisation handling your pay, we’re always available to answer any pay-related queries you have.

Many contractors enjoy the benefits that come with being paid at the end of each week and in the event that there’s a delay or even non-payment by your hirer, you can rest assured you’ll still get paid and that we will deal with any issues on your behalf.

5. Access to our network

At Odin Recruitment, we’ve a vast network of Telecoms/Structure Cabling, Engineering, Industrial and Driving clients that spans the whole of UK, as well as areas of Europe.

We’re also the recruitment partner of choice for many of them, meaning that when opportunities arise, we’re often the first to hear.

Want to know about great roles as soon as they’re released? Pip the competition to the post by working with us.

6. Down-to-earth approach

If you know Odin, you’ll know we’re pretty down-to-earth. Paul, our MD, is very straight talking – in fact, the whole business culture is one of openness and honesty.

That’s why many of our clients and candidates stay with us for the long-haul. People know what they’re going to get, and you’ll never be bamboozled with ‘corporate talk.’

We put time and effort into getting to know all of our customers and truly value relationships. If you’re in the area, why not drop in for a brew?

7. A caring attitude

As mentioned earlier, customer care is at the heart of all we do. That’s why we go the extra mile to reward you for your loyalty with things like our Contractor of the Month awards and a paid referral scheme.

We’re also committed to giving back to our local community. We sponsor Stockport County FC as well as an U9s squad, have supported various charities and initiatives and want to make a difference in the local area. If giving back is also something that you value, Odin could be a great partnership for you.

Keen to know how contracting through Odin could work for you? If you’re new to contracting and are looking for support or are well-versed in contracting but looking for an agency that will genuinely take the admin-related headaches out of contracting, give us a call.