WiFi Survey's

ODIN Recruitment's site survey engineers use the latest RF spectrum analysis technology to map the areas of desired coverage, taking into account the lines-of-sight, the total number, location and configuration of access points required, as well as potential sources of interference and the layout of the building.

Foreseeing, and avoiding, the many potential pitfalls which can affect RF distribution, and thus the performance of your  wireless LAN, is the best way to assure a smooth and hassle free network installation that will save your business time and money further down the line.


We specialise in 4 different surveys, comprising of

  • WiFI Site Survey; Predictive (or, estimated).

  • Site Surveys; Onsite (APOAS).

  • WiFi RF Surveys; Post Installation (or, Commissioning) Surveys.

  • WiFi Health Checks (RF Audit).

Full survey documentation provided, showing placement survey parameters and recommendations.

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